The Ball is breaking through the Maze collision


When I test the game, the ball is going through the collision. I can’t tell about the exact moment, I just randomly moving the maze and the ball falls down. It can be in the beginning, or after 10-20 secs.
Here’s video showing it:

I have added Print Screen for Z coordinate, to make sure the ball falls down and not just disappear, so please don’t pay attention tho the numbers on the left.

Did anyone have this issue?

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G’day Denis,

Have you gotten an answer to your question?
I too seem to be in a similar issue.
I am running UE 4.25.3 and have found with a quick wrist flick will cause my ball to fall through my maze floor or wall.
This could be from the maze mesh when “Use Complex Collision As Simple” was used in the Collision Complexity.
I did test Double Sided Geometry and it did seem to help a little but if a wrist flicked hard enough the ball still falls through the maze.
Please let us know if you got a fix to your issue.

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Please check this:

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