The Assets for my Animation Scene

I’ve been modelling some low-poly actors and a simple scene for the animation section.

This is the “main protagonist”, the lamp. I’ve built it out of different meshes and placed the origins of each mesh in a natural location so that it can rotate properly. I’ve also parented the meshes in this way:
As you can tell from these pictures, the light rotates accordingly, which I thought would be an amazing effect when the lamp moves. I’ve also added mesh for a simple button, and I could turn the light off and on and have the button move as if it is pressed.

The other asset is the logo of my “one-man-company” Lunatinc. I loved making it in 3D and I have pictured it rolling after the lamp as it runs away from it.


Nice low poly design and colors. Fun figures.
Be aware that there is a section to animate a lamp using bone armature.
Be patient (or not …)


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