The AI Spider is not moving toward the player


I’m currently following the course, and in this part we made the AI moves toward the player. I have done the steps twice already alongside the video, and I don’t understand why the AI is not moving.

Here is my Event Graph setup

And here is my Nav Mesh in position

I’m pretty new to Unreal, so I have tried “things” :
I changed the shape of the capsule of the Alien to check if it’s not a collision issue, but it’s not it. The same way I disable collision of the Alien, but neither.
Wherever the player goes close to him or not, still doesn’t move
The Alien does have an AI controller when playing

I’m on Unreal 4.27 as well.

Is there any parameters I could check that are preventing the AI Movement ? Could it be in the animation Blueprint ? Or any idea what else could I check to solve this issue ?

Thank you in Advance

The two most sure-fire ways I’ve found when troubleshooting AI movement are these:

  1. Make sure that there’s a NavMesh and if so, that there’s a path to your target (which based on the provided screenshot is fine)

  2. The AI Pawn or its spawn point are placed too height for a valid path to be generated. NavMeshes have a “height” parameter for how high off of the ground you can be and still be valid for movement. (Pro tip: adjust this if you want “flying” enemies)

Aside from that, I’d recommend taking a look at the output log and/or printing out the movement result output for AIMoveTo to see if you can get any other additional information.

Thanks for the help, the height thing seems to be the solution.

The scene we import during this tutorial is at Z -15000. I recentered everything to 0 ; 0 ; 0 replaced everything around etc, and now my Alien is moving.

I’ll probably have issue with some rendering elements but at least it’s functional.

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