That was easier than I thought

To be honest, I wanted to use my own video footage. Captured by my mobile phone, using a tripod. But that plan failed, because the footage was filled with, blurry moments. Where the camera tries to auto focus … (in / out).
So I decided to use the lowest (in memory) video, provided by Michael.
Because the contrast and the image is less sharpen then the 4K used in the lesson. I thought, this will be a pain in …

:star_struck: for Blender. It all worked out very nicely. I even find this process, better than using Adobe After effects.
Here’s my work so far. Some are outside the frame for a moment. Not sure it will be problematic. We learn on the job, as we speak.

Ha, funny. I did a ‘Solve Camera Motion’ and I got a Solve Error: 1.0297. Yeah!
nine trackers, low video quality and this value.


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