Thanks it really helped me with my game

I’m making rhythm based game and really stucked in “derisking” staff. I have actually the same core feature of moving space ship (but in rhythm not using physics) I just understand that I can make tutorial just to make obstacles and without weapon. And adding, choosing, buying weapon will be more logical then. Thank you Rick

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Wow that’s absolutely awesome, good job!

If you are interesting in rhythm based thing, may I suggest you look into Koreographer, which allow you to sync the music and the gameplay and is an excellent asset:

showcase (notice how the shooting, enemy movement and environment are synchronised with the beat rhythm of the song, including when said beat changes towards the end of the video):

EDIT: what the asset creator did was to add Koreaographer to the Unity Survival Shooter learning project, that can otherwise be found here


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Korepgrapher is great option for specific type of games. Unfortunately, my concept can’t be developed with it. I even had some discussion with their lead developer) What I need is precise rhythmic callbacks (even 16th) without music) then it is possible to make very flexible system which does not depend on particular music and can be changed dynamically. That what actually UE Quartz audio is doing.
I’m not sure completely but I experemented with Unity timeline using DSP clock and get decent result with events and looping. So I’m not sure if there is need in Koreographer at prototyping stage of project in Unity.
Chuck (Chunity) language gives possibility to recieve callbacks at any precise time but I don’t know how to build game for mobile devices with it. I want to give a try and make this game with Unity, that’s why I took this course actually. I already made prototype using Cabbage, but I need more knowledge on both to move on.

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