Thanks Grant and Rick!

Thanks you Grant and Rick for this excellent course! I love your style and found it a great format. Rick’s questions help tremendously.
My favourite aspect of your delivery Grant, is the notable absence of each sentence starting with “Now go ahead and…” Why do Americans feel obliged to do this? It drives me insane.

I had trouble with the concept of retopology, and unfortunately my poor dragon suffered from leprosy and other ailments. Whenever I retopologised I lost fingers and toes, to the point where when it came to rigging, she was unable to control her extremities. I also had a terrible output during the normal mapping, so it was pretty near impossible trying to paint my dragon.

I decided to make a low poly antelope following one of Grant’s free videos on YT, and I used that to learn the rigging aspect. I am sad that my dragon didn’t make it to the end of the process. :cry:

In response to some of the negative comments I’ve seen here, I’d like to express my appreciation for Grant’s incredible generosity in sharing so many resources for free. I decided to do a paid course because I’d already benefited from so many of these free videos, and felt it only fair to contribute. Anyone who moans about paid add-ons etc. needs a wake-up.

Thanks again!


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