[THANK YOU GAMEDEV.TV] ... a little note

Hello Ben and other Admins!
I would like to say that I am very pleased with the courses you offer. I came into this as a 42 year old with no real coding experience. 20 years ago I started college for Computer Science to become a game maker and eventually ended up dropping out and never following up on the thing I love. I am now a Master Electrician and own an electrical contracting company. Now 20 some years later I finally decided I want to follow my dream and learn how to make games and apps. I don’t have time to go to actual college and everything I have picked up so far has been self taught. I love the fact that you offer comprehensive courses for people with little to no coding knowledge. I am so glad that I discovered your course. It has literally opened my eyes to a whole new world of challenges and enjoyment. I’m a problem solver. I fix stuff for a living, and coding is a lot like solving puzzles. It’s a game in itself… I believe that in time I will have the knowledge to make top notch apps and games and will be able to share them with the world. I thank you for giving people like me an opportunity to learn new and great things. I am looking forward to the Unity 2 course.
I have one request, which is the reason for this message. Will you be able to, or eventually create a course in Unity development for VR / AR devices. I have put a lot of thought into it and I believe MS will be heading the pack into the future with devices like HoloLens. VR is great but AR seems to be more applicable in more cases as far as industry and commercial use. This is my only request. I would really like to get into AR/VR development. I have just about all of your courses in my library and I have a lot of work ahead of me but am excited for what I’ll get out of them and what I have learned so far. Do you think I am taking on too much at one time by trying to learn C#, python, Blender, and Unity all at one time. Should I concentrate on one aspect of coding?
Once again Thank you so much for your courses! I will be a student for a long time. CHEERS!



It’s been updated since I did the course so I don’t think AR is there but VR definitely is. Maybe a course suggestion?

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Thanks for the link. I seen that. I picked it up actually. I’m looking more for Windows/UWP, C# and Unity based AR/VR development courses to make stuff for the MS Mixed Reality Portal.


Thank you so much for this kind note, it’s heartwarming to hear stories like this. I’m sure the rest of the team would love to know so I’ll share it with them tomorrow.

Thanks @Rob for pointing this out - you’re a star.


Regarding AR / VR, yes we’re very interested in covering this next year.


The Gamedev.tv team is awesome indeed :slight_smile:


Thank YOU! I’m really getting a lot out of these courses. Well done.


I’ll be there…


Buying this course has really helped me as well!


@HydraShok I feel your story! I started a degree in Games Computing 10 years ago and never followed it up properly. I tried here and there to make games using Flash and ActionScript3 and such but always got disheartened and ended up giving up. Already, in this course, I’ve created two finished products, have an itch.io account hosting them like a proper little game developer and am enjoying working through Block Breaker. I’m learning and finding myself less and less fearful of coding which is great because, deep down, I feel I could actually get good at it.

So a big thanks, Ben and team. I also desperately want to get on with your 2D and 3D courses as I like your teaching style but want to make massive progress on this one before taking on more projects!


I would perhaps leave Python for a little while to avoid creating a chaos in your learning, depending on what you want to use it for. You can pick up the basic concept very quickly later. You can also turn to me regarding Python, although it has been some time I touched it.

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