Thank you for the course


I would just like to thank you for creating the course. I have just finished watching all of the content and have taken a lot from it. I have been taking notes for a game idea I have been working on for the last 2 - 20 years (A comic turned into a novel into a PC game and now into a board game) and this course was what was needed to actually sit down and do something about it. I am going through my notes and answering all the questions raised throughout the lectures and plan on breaking the game into prototypes for the different mechanics required for the complete game. I can’t guarantee it will ever be finished, published, work or be fun. But it feels good actually doing more than thinking about ideas.


Really glad you’ve been enjoying it! We had a lot of fun making it, and if you do end up finishing your game I’d love to see it!


I’m not done with the course but would like to thank you guys aswell!
Course has done what I hoped for-got me to make prototypes. Now that I think about it I now know something about many mechanics but I guess its up to me to go deep on whatever is interesting.
I hope to make next Secret Hitler and when I drink boozes on yacht which I bought with countless board game dollars I toast to you Yann. Just kidding thanks for the course!


I’m extremely gratified that you’re finding it helpful, Tuomas!


Wow! Matt G and I have similar histories!

I have had a great (well, I think it is great) idea for a game since I worked at Games Workshop about 20 years ago, and its evolved from a war game, to a board game, to a video game, to an rpg (which is still in the back of my mind as the ‘universe’, I think, is pretty interesting) to a novel, to its current form which is a card game, and I just needed to understand game theory a bit better to get it moving along.

I’m also doing a digital art course to help in the art design of the game.

Like, MattG, thank you so much for this course. I’ve only just finished the first test and am finding SO many ideas that were floating is disarray are now falling together like a huge jigsaw.


That’s extremely awesome. We’re really glad that you’re enjoying the course and that it’s helping you pece your ideas together!