Thank you! awesome course!

Thank you Rick, Ben, and Nina! This is an awesome course.

Rick, you have such a great sense of humour. You had me laughing lots of times. It makes the course much more fun, along with your super positive attitude. And the little mistakes - I don’t know if you are making them all on purpose or not - but when you fix them, it really teaches us very well, how to fix a lot of mistakes, which we all make. And the way you talk continuously with your stream of thoughts, really explains everything so well.

Ben, I can feel you in the background, supporting this course, even though we only got to hear from you a few times. Thank you.

Nina, thank you for all your direct help!

Overall, my rating of this course is an awesome 99.9%! Thank you very much! This course is just what I needed. Now I will continue developing the 2D Platformer I started before, and I’m sure I will get it done very quickly, probably within the next couple months, and I’m sure it will work much better.

Thank you!

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