Textures in 2.8?

I’m still on just the example applying the brick texture to the default scene cube. I’m having trouble translating this video into the context of Blender 2.8. I can only figure out how to apply the texture by linking up nodes in the Shading tab, and even there I feel out of my league. I fail to find any satisfactorily in-depth tutorials on the whole system online, am I missing something? I also cannot find the texture scaling features or sliders so the texture is massively blown up on my cube.

In this video Michael is using Blender Render, which no longer exists in 2.8, and he doesn’t actually introduce nodes until the Fluffy Bunny section (Videos 214, 215, and 216).

For now use the following Node set-up

I can’t give you the settings for the nodes since I haven’t used 2.8 for that lecture but a little experimentation should see you through

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