Texture Streaming Pool

I don’t know if this is discussed later with the quixel bridge imports, but I seem to get a bunch of texture pool budget issues.

It ends up making the textures of some props blurred I think, and I tried to follow some tips here - https://stefanperales.com/blog/ue5-quick-tip-texture-streaming-pool-over-budget/ But I didn’t have the compression options or just couldn’t find them after a long search.

I’m on 5.3, and I didn’t enable scalability when creating project. I thought maybe this could also be an issue? Should I recreate project with scalability, and redownload the assets at a lower resolution? The reason I followed with the max res/nanite is because I read that some nanite features are disabled at a lower resolution.

I’d appreciate a brief rundown on this. I wish I knew more about these things, but I’m still a beginner.

You don’t need to remake the project with scalability, but you can adjust your scalability settings in the editor at any time.

That said, you can download and use lower-quality versions of the Megascans assets. But keep in mind that this message is letting you know that your GPU memory usage is too high.

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