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I must warn you in advance I know nothing about either but, do have a question from a texture creation aspect. What is the minimum/maximum size of textures, in pixels, that can be uploaded to Unity & Unreal? Also, is there a maximum amount of textures/materials that you can upload per object or set of objects?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

The maximum size of textures that are accepted by Unity or Unreal is 4096x4096 pixels. I’m not sure if it can be 8192x8192 pixels for Unity but with Unreal you have to change some config files for it to accept that size.

The minimum i think for both is 1x1px? but depending on the game, the average size will be higher :slight_smile: .

In terms of textures per object, there is a limit but that is also dependant on the game and the platform you are aiming for.

My advise would be to try and use as little amount of textures as you can in your project (using textures which can tile for example) :slight_smile:. If it looks good at a lower resolution then go for that! :smiley:

Thank you for the information , Teessider. I figured all sites would have a size and materials limit just haven’t been able to find out much specific information to share for an article I am writing on a texture project. And, I agree use limited textures and not go crazy with size. Thank you again!

No problem!

Some links for reference (both are technical but they have the texture size limits in there):

Thank you so very much!

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