Texture painting doesn´t show the right color?

Hello again, I´m currently trying arround with Texture painting to finally give this Model I made some color. Unfortunatelly it doesn´t quite work, when I try to use the brush to paint on the model, it always just darkens the current color underneath.

When using the bucket, it fills in the color that I want just fine though.
I tried following different Tutoriels, but what they do seems to never work for me.

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the problem you have is that you have wrong (for the purpose you are trying to achieve) mix type of your brush.

You need to swap “Wert” to “Mischen”, and in english it is swap “Value” to “Mix”

value brush just does exactly this: it changes value (amount of brightness in color) without affecting saturation or hue.


The only reason I have “Wert” standing there, is because I tried every one of the options in this list, and none of them worked. “Mischen” didn´t work either.

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Oh, I see.
Could you swap to Texture Paint tab for a second and see what happens if you try to paint directly on the flat image with UVs instead of on the model?

Also, did you try to open new blend file and paint on default cube (UV unwrapped and with texture applied ofc), to see if it works properly in fresh blender file?


Problem is solved, somehow. I deleted all the textures and started from new. ^^;


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