Texture Error

So I’m a little perplexed by what happened. Some how when he applied the texture as “Coordinates: UV” it looked relatively normal on all sides. I did the same thing, and yet the wood texture is way off on the bevel. Did anyone else run into this problem?

Why are you doing UV? You should be doing generated or something else that looks more acceptable.

Here’s what happens when you do UV:

And here’s what happens when you select GENERATED instead:

I was trying to just follow the video directly as he did it. I thought the GENERATED looked better, except for everything going in the same direction. I’ll probably go back to that anyways. Thank you though, LucidityOfPower.

I see. I had the impression that you wanted to stick to UV but it wasn’t coming out right. Well, it’s not a texture error, I’ll say that :slight_smile:

I know following the video is a temptation (I do it all the time). Try not to follow too much. Later on you’ll find that you’ll need to re-do certain steps that Michael does deliberately to show how stuff works :stuck_out_tongue: But I love tinkering, and if you do, too, then plow on and have fun!

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