Must say was challenging to get this done! Could not do it at the start ,and had to watch the video again and again, until found out why it was not working as it supposed to.

A list of problems that I have gone trough …

  1. Could not append properly the material
  2. Did not change in the displacement modifier the Coordinates to UV
  3. Kept the render at 2 (as it was by default) in the subdivision modifier.

After found my little mistakes this is the result! And after all that I am excited about!

P.S : the reason I wrote the 3 problems I had ,to help those who might struggle with .(as I am totally beginner )
Good luck ,and give any feedback if you like . thanks!


Wow this is incredible! :fire: :fire:

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Very nice renders as a result.
Useful info others might find helpful too, thank you.

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thank you :slight_smile:

Most common problems! I still struggle with this so now and then.
Easy to forget one step in this process.

Heheh ,i guess repetition never hurts :stuck_out_tongue: .thanks

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