TextMeshPro Question

I notice that the instructor says that there are normally two different option when it comes for things within the UI elements. For example the instructor says that he gets the options, “Text”, and “Text - TextMeshPro”. But I am only getting the option for “Text - TextMeshPro” not the first. This hasn’t been an issue since all we have used so far is the TextMeshPro version of the elements so far. But out of curiosity do I need those options in unity? Is anything wrong?

Here’s an image of the instructors video with the options that don’t show up for me:

Nothing is wrong. Text used to be the old way, TextMeshPro is the new way. There was a ‘transition period’ in between where both options were available.

TextMeshPro used to be a third-party asset until Unity bought it and integrated it into the engine

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Awesome, thanks!

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