[Text101] Took me a few hours, please give it a try!

My version of Text101, added some music. Wanted to add some background pictures that change throughout the story but don’t know how yet.

Link here:
Escape Room v.03

Really cool game actually. Love the music, wish I knew how to add some to my story, but I’m sure I’ll be learning that soon!

Threw for a bit of a twist as I wasn’t expecting to have to inspect multiple things before discovering the escape path. Very cool, well done! Everything seemed to work as it should, and I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar errors.

If you want to give mine a try, here’s the link:
Escape the Orc’s Lair

There’s a thread for it that I just made. I just wanted to make sure I reviewed at least one other persons game if I wanted someone to review mine. Again, well done!

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