Text101 - Prison Office Edition

Just for ***** and giggles!


Enjoy responsibly.


Great Game!! I was wondering why I can play your game, but I cannot play my own.

Can you play the game in this link?

Hi @Braxton_Dubin,

I can’t get your game to run in Internet Explorer, Chrome or Edge. I think this is the result of the older web compile options in Unity version 4.6.x, being largely a guess on my behalf. I’m working in Unity 2017 and relying on the support docs and Google to ensure I can get the course content working as intended (already found a few differences in the scripting).

Tried manually installing a Unity pack for IE to get your game to run but without success. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of these things can comment with a solution?



Hey @Braxton_Dubin & @Geordie_Matthews,

I’ve been trying to share my game as well, and I’m having the exact same problem as Braxton.

I think Geordie is right - the Unity Web Player is listed as deprecated when I try to install it for Safari, and installing through Firefox seems to have the same result. I am using Unity 4.6.9 for the course.

I’m thinking about installing Unity 5.x and making a WebGL build (Lecture 38).

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