Text101 finished! Enjoy making this. Come take a look

Here the screenshot. Enjoy!
Link: https://sharemygame.com/@Ninosan/mysterious-forest

My first game is here!
Took about a week to finish it.

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

Feel free to give a comment. I want to hear from you! Thank you.

Good work! The page layout, color scheme, and title font look wonderful. I enjoyed the story.

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Thank you very much. I’m very happy that you enjoy the story.! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi. I really enjoyed the story. It felt nice to find multiple ways the story can end because the story itself was pretty interesting. There are some grammatical errors that you could fix if you want to. I also recommend you to post this project on itch.io. You can get money if someone wants to donate you, and with such an interesting tale, maybe you’ll get some :slight_smile:

Take care n.n

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thank you very much. I appreciate that you take the time to find all endings! and thank you for your good recommendations. I will try. :smile:

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