Text101 CYOQ - The Dry Docks Homicide

Who is the player?
The player is a private investigator hired by the police to investigate, known for their keen analytical mind and experience within connecting the dots on death with a mysterious origin. Your name is Walter Green.

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

What is your game theme?
The game theme is 1920s Arkham, Massachusetts focusing on Film Noir, Cthulhu Horror and gumshoeing. The player is subjected to an oppressive world that only seems to be getting more cold, more inhumane and severely decadent. A shrouded atmosphere covers the plains, only to be further obfuscated by dreadful circumstances. You can look out to the water and know that something hates your existence, something that you know deep down is immeasurably superior to your own flawed humanity.

What is the goal?
The goal is to go investigate the body, gather your evidence around the area, interrogate individuals around the area then come up with the reason and why this has happened. You are to survive, keep your head down, and connect the dots to figure out what is going on.

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I really love this. Iā€™m getting an Arkham City mixed with Resident Evil vibe!

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