Text not working as expected

So with the lecture Destroying Planks, I am curious why the text isn’t set to 100 at the beginning.
When the nodes where connected to Event AnyDamage the text didn’t update because it hadn’t taken damage. But updates when taking damage. The HP Float is set to 100 as shown in the screen shot. I trouble shot it by reconnecting the Event Tick and the HP shows up when the map loads. Does anyone see what I could have done wrong? I am not noticing any deviations in the Event Graph when I rewatched Setting Up HP and Destroying Planks.

I’m not sure how important the Text to HP will be later on since the setup changes so let me know if I shouldn’t worry about it.

When you move away from setting the text via the Tick Event, you’ll need to set the initial value of the text via the Begin Play event as well.

Good catch @Hiccup4510
It’s not mentioned in the tutorial video, but yeah I dragged my set text nodes, including the ‘is valid’ stuff to the ‘begin play’ event.

I also noticed that once you move the set physics and destroy actor stuff to the ‘Event AnyDamage’ it makes the 2nd ‘isvalid’ condition obsolete (the one used right after the first “Set Simulate Physics”. Since the destruction and physics only plays once it won’t check for the HP/text a 2nd time once destroyed anyway.

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