Text is not showing

Character Damage Canvas no longer shows.

Without a lot of words can you please tell me the step by step list of things to do to have damge text within the scene?

For example
Step 1: Create an empty game object name it “xyz”
Step 2: Create a canvas within that “xyz”
Step 3: Create a UI text within that canvas
Step 4: …
Step 5:…
Step 6:…

This has really gotta be easier than it was presented and i simply do not get it.
My head is going in circles over this…
Thanks for that step by step list in advance

Without a lot of words is quite the challenge for a guy like me who has been accused of being longwinded more than twice here at GameDev, but I’ll give it my best shot.
You’ve already got the first few steps down, you’re actually very close to home.
You’ll need a Camera Facing script on the root of the prefab (the item with the Canvas on it).
You’ll need a Canvas Group. This way we can animate the Alpha value.
You’ll need a Damage Text script, which references the Text child object.

Then in the Animation Window (Window|Animation|Animation or Control 6), click the Create button to create an animator and Animation clip.

Choose Add Property to add the properties you want to animate (make sure the root object is selected).
Once the properties are added, set the keyframes as needed.

Very concise tks Bryan.

I will try it out

I am still missing something…

dang it

I will re watch that video maybe that will trigger something

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