Text Adventure - Dungeon Conqueror

Hey Guys,
I created my very own Text Adventure called DUNGEON CONQUEROR.
Unity 5 WebGL


Try it.
Give me feedbacks guys.

I enjoyed it. It took me a while to crack it because I got killed so many times to begin with. But either I got better at it, or better equipped and finally made it through.

There was one little thing that I noticed though: when you first enter the dungeon, you need to go West. Right after that you can go North or East. If you go east, wouldn’t that back the way you came? (But when you’re playing the game, it goes somewhere new.)

Hi Sandy_Logan,
I’m glad you enkoyed it. To answer you question, when you go east, you will go straight to boss fight. And without the carrect item, it’s game over.

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