Text 101 Game upload - called (Not Code)

Just uploaded my new game, be awesome to get some feedback:


Here are some of the cool things I did:

  1. …This is my 2nd version with many improvements since 1st version,better story, better introduction, etc.

Hey Jim,

Nice work! I like the title font / art you have included in this version of your game.

One, perhaps more subtle, feature you’ve added that I really like is the “Press 2 for Help” on the introduction state of the story. I like this because you are giving the player the choice as to whether they want to read the instructions or not, it also means there isn’t an intrusive first state, you just get straight into the story.

Very interesting narrative and set of choices too, nicely written, well done.

One thing I noticed is that on, at least, one state, you have the font size smaller, most likely to fit the narrative into the story text area. As a reader I found this a bit distracting, not the smaller font, just the change of size of font. For consistency you could flick through all of your states, determine the smallest size necessary, and then set them all to be the same. Alternatively, tweak the narrative.

It’s a fairly minor thing but I thought I’d share it with you.

Fantastic second version and well done for wanting to take what you had and produce a second! :slight_smile:

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Hi Rob,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my game and give me this thoughtful critique.

I will take a look at the font size issue. I didn’t intentionally change font size, it might be some automated process that fits all the text I write onto a given field? I will look at it and figure out how to fix.

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Hi Jim,

You’re very welcome, was a pleasure to play your game :slight_smile:

There is indeed an option for Auto Fit which would do exactly what you have stated, it can be very useful, if it is enabled, then it’s just a case of unticking the option. Of course, in doing so you may find that the default font size you have set also could be too bit and the text may overflow on other states. I hope I haven’t given you a headache here :slight_smile:

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No prob, it’s what coding is all about :slight_smile: (imho)

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