Text 101 - CYOA Challenge: End of Earth

  • What is your game theme?

    • Earth is infected by a bio engineered fungus it is spreading true our planet and to the people. Causing them to die a dry and painful death.
    • You can’t let the infected leave earth and spread this death into our solar system.
  • What is an Image that sums up your game theme?

  • Who is the player?

    • Intelligence analyst as well as engineer. Formally employed by the global Security Association (GSA). He had a wife and daughter. They are infected and cannot be saved. Despite his grief he will save as many lives as posable.
    • Maybe earth can be re-terraformed back to our home.
  • What is the goal?

    • Get to the orbiting space station with the tools to save umanrace.
    • Stop the infected from leaving the planet.

please note image is not original, thank you.


Idea sounds interesting. However image isn’t displaying correctly for me.



PFA the Image.