Testing version of my Brick Breaker



Here I finished my Brick Breaker to testing phase.
Please, be welcome to try, have fun and if you like, give me feedback, report bugs and such :wink:


The Quit button at the end was doing nothing, but your game was a lot of fun. Congrats. It had more levels than what I expected and I loved the Egyptian background in some of the levels.


Thank you for testing it out and for the feedback :slight_smile: Appreciate it.


The reset button at the top wasn’t working for me. Not sure if I was doing it wrong but it gave feed back when you click it so I assumed that was what you are supposed to do.


Cool. I got through a few levels before game over. Nice background artwork. I definitely like the power-ups. Has the right drop speed for making you anxious(in a good way) wether or not to go grab the power-up or to try and be under the ball. Sometimes the ball sticks to the paddle though even when there isn’t any “glue” on it. Not sure if that’s a bug or not.


Hi, thank you for feedback, not working reset button is fixed in new version :slight_smile:


Hi, Chris, thank you for feedback, much appriciated!


This is really fun and the sound effects are satisfying!


Love the sounds and powerups (especially the 3 shields, I can just imagine the poor guy trying to figure out how to pull that off). I can pretty reliably catch the ball like my paddle has a glue modifier, even when it doesn’t, by coming in quickly from the sides right as the ball is about even with the shield. Thinking maybe a stray trigger collider hanging around, hard to tell though. Keep up the good work!


Hi, there is design problem in my design - paddle is too tall. So its frustrating to see ball bounce into the pit when hit from side, so I decided to add catcher collider to rather glue ball than to let it bounce to hell :slight_smile: Thank you for feedback!


thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome game! You definitely put a lot of work into it, and I like it! (the sounds especially)

I think I’ve also found a glitch related to “multiple balls” power up. One of the extra balls got stuck in the corner (or stopped moving, to be more accurate). After I had lost my “real” ball the game didn’t reset and I was unable to finish the level (reset button also didn’t work for some reason)


Thank you for feedback, happy you liked it :slight_smile: Reset button is there for the exact case you described and it was fixed in newer version :wink: (was singleton problem).


Nice work, Petr.
You did quite a bit of work to the game. Definitely extreme. (:
I like the wacky sound effects, and the power-ups were a nice touch (I think we had the same ideas about some of those!)

A few issues I found:
1- On the first level, I didn’t break all the breakable blocks. I had one left, and one with partial damage, then it sent me to the next level.
2- Sometimes, the ball would stick to my paddle, even though I didn’t have the “sticky” power-up.

Other than those, it’s still quite impressive. Keep it up, man!

~ C. out.


Thank you, Cartrell :slight_smile: I took all those notes from here and other places and rebuilt the project and fixed all those things (and many others on the way). Will post new version very soon™.
Thank you for your time to play and give feedback, the new version is quite fun :slight_smile:


Well done! So much to like about your game, on this challenge, I think you knocked the ball out of the park as they say.

I particularly like the way the ball would sometimes slide down the ‘V’ shape in level one, like I’ve had happen in real pinball machines. I thought it would be cool if while sliding like that, the ball would also noticeably accelerate.

I really liked the ‘magnetic’ effect of the paddle too.


Hi, Jim, thank you very much :slight_smile:
I will sooon post continuation of this project with many upgrades and features :wink: