Testing Sketchfab embedding


Here’s my attempt…

There you go @Michael_Bridges, they just need to insert the long Sketchfab URL :slight_smile:

SketchFab Test

Lava Forest - World of Flame Florals by souchenki on Sketchfab


That is rather saucy… I like that, a lot…


nope try again…

Lava Forest - World of Flame Florals by souchenki on Sketchfab


3rd times a charm?


NICE! Liking this MUCH more. It is rich and responsive


I’ve added instructions here: How to Share Your 3D Models


Might be worth looking at https://www.blend4web.com/en/? Sketchfab looks more supported though…


Very nice work you did there. :relaxed:


I didnt see it in the instructions but you HAVE to make sure when you pack the blend file you also add the textures!


Thanks I’ve added this to the instructions


Just a basic one to show what happens if you dont pack textures and only colour comes though :slight_smile:


Nevertheless it’s AWESOME to see this coming through here! @Michael_Bridges try and contain your excitement!


Same issue without textures on the chess board but thought it would be fun to show it :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ll make it work, @Michael_Bridges could do a little video on the instruction post to help you


Pretty sure this one only links and wont display as i animated it in blender as well.
I think Michael did show us to pack textures into the blend file, If i can find fluffy bunny again i’ll post that in the main section to test!


That’s REALLY nice. And oh so smooth.


I’ve been having the link issue as well. I followed the instructions as Ben posted, but I don’t get a preview, just a link to my sketchfab page. I would like more info on how to present my work here in a post.


Thanks Dave, it can be tricky. @Michael_Bridges is planning to make a video to show you guys how to do this. Ideally a YouTube video we can embed here too.

In the meantime perhaps @GamedevCala or @McFuzz could help, as they have successfully done this. In fact I’ll make the instructions post a Wiki so anyone can contribute.


I actually thought it was quite easy. I just navigated to the submission and posted the link like you would a normal URL. Perhaps I was just lucky!

They also give you an embed URL, and trying that might yield better results.