Testing my edge colliders resets their position?

I created a 2D circle sprite, with a 2D circle collider and 2D rigidbody, to test the edge colliders. I have an extra platform than what is shown in the video, and had the ball fall from the top platform and let gravity do it’s work. When it hits the second platform I noticed that it was much further inside the platform than what I had set the edge collider to, and when I went back to take a look, it had just reset it’s position, on both platforms. The only exception is the ground one, where I went with the Y offset method instead. What causes this? I redid the collider, saved my project, tested again, it reset again, closed it down, reopened, still reset.

What is causing this? Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Umitoshin,

Can you share a before/after screenshot of your colliders? That will help me better understand the problem.

I think I solved it. I had overlooked the Update Collider box. Unticking the box solved the issue. :sweat_smile:

Excellent, I’m glad you found a solution to your problem.

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