Test Animation

Wanted to test what I could do and figure out on my own before I move on with the course, so I made this quick little looping animation with my plane. Took me longer than I would have wanted, but hey, baby’s first animation :slight_smile:



Nice plane,
Nice animation.
Nice clouds.

But the lighting is weird (point). See clouds right side.
maybe a sun lamp is a better choice.
have fun.

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Thanks for the feedback! I had originally used a sun lamp, but I wanted that actual sun to be in the composition and having the point light in front of it gave it the glowing look I wanted quick and sloppy. But you’re right, the sun lamp would have made for far better lighting of the scene. If I were to revisit this I’d probably do a sun lamp, and then a more complex material for the sun itself. (Or even keep the point light for the sun effect, albeit with a smaller radius so it doesn’t affect the clouds.)

Now that I’ve gone further in the course and learned how to animate lights, I think this scene could look really cool at night, the sun and lighting setup here would make more sense as a bright full moon with a dark backdrop and some far off stars in the sky, and a few blinking lights on the plane.

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You can shut off shadows for lamps. to have more light possibilities.

I didn’t know that! Thank you!

Your feedback helps so much, I appreciate you and the team greatly.

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Thank you, but I’m just like you a student.
But started somewhere in 2016 and stayed at GameDev forum, to help other students with the same questions I had (but nobody answered …).

Have fun, and help other students if you can.

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Don’t sell yourself short. Everyone is a student to someone else! You’ve been here providing valuable feedback from when I first started a few years ago, to when I gave up, to when I decided to start again, to now.

I certainly will be providing my feedback wherever I can here, not because you told me to but because you have shown me how valuable that feedback from peers is. I say that to say, you’ve impacted me and your feedback has encouraged me to keep going and taught me new methods to do what I want to do more efficiently from the beginning. I still have a long way to go, but I appreciate you and I hope you realize what a personal difference your contributions to this community make. Just don’t want your feedback and time to feel unappreciated because it is very appreciated and it helps make all of us better.


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