Terrain for Synty Polygon assets



I need some advice/opinions/examples on creating a terrain in Unity for use with the Synty Polygon assets. I am not sure, what to use to get something looking consistent with these assets.

1.) Synty doesn’t use the Unity terrain for its demos. They build the scenes out of their own meshes which are part of the packages. These look great, especially as they are not made out of regular triangles. But it is quite some work to create complete landscapes this way.

2.) I looked at Polaris V2 as low poly engine, but I don’t like the regular look of the triangles, which is too simplistic for me.

3.) The Unity terrain tool is quite powerful, but it seems to be more suited for realistic landscapes, and not so much low poly.

Any suggestions / examples are welcome.

Thanks, Christian

I’ve wrestled with the same problem over the years. Use a terrain a plane. I would say in short it doesn’t really matter honest, but the terrain sculpting tools can give your game a more natural feel. But if I looked at Synty Studios, Their assets are more stylized, with sharper corners, with that in mind I would probably use planes and geometric shapes, then maybe find a good materials pack that has the coloring that fits. Kind of like the game godus.

Alternatively you could make your own terrains if godus is the style you mean in blender.
Although our environments course is more realistic the complete blender course should give you all the tools you need to make your own terrains and import them to unity

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