Terrain Data issue

For clarification, DefaultTerrain is the name of the terrain GameObject, and NewTerrain is the name of the Terrain Data

I’ve got the SceneSetup tag setup fine. My concern is that the DefaultTerrain is using NewTerrain for the data.

What this means is that If I change the terrain, NewTerrain (or whatever I rename it as) will be updated. So the next time I go to create a new scene, and I drop DefaultTerrain into the scene, it will have been altered according to the changes I made previously. And you can’t just drop the DefaultTerrain into a new scene and then flatten, because that would also flatten the terrain you had previously worked on.

The only solution I can think of is to just not have the terrain as a prefab. It’s really quick to set it up anyway. I tried just duplicating and replacing the terrain data, but that didn’t seem to work. If this has been addressed in a future video I haven’t gotten to, awesome! If not, I hope this will save someone from accidentally undoing a bunch of work.

Yep, prefab’ing the terrain is not a good idea, if you plan to use it for different scenarios. Arguably a bit dodgy even if they were all the same.

@Ben has been made aware of this issue, I can’t remember if it get’s mentioned in a later video or not, think it might.

Thanks guys, when we get to creating multiple levels I’ll revisit this.

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