Terminal Hacker WebGL--Spies R Us

I just finished uploading my version of Terminal Hacker and wish to share with you. It is pretty simple and pretty much follows along with what Ben did with the exception of a 4th level.

Morgaine’s Terminal Hacker-Spies R Us

Thanks in advance for checking it out!


It works! Well-done!

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Thank you for checking it out and commenting!

I am working on cleaning it up a bit now that I have figured out how to add some hard returns to make it less confusing and more readable.

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Woo Hoo! You win the prize pig! :pig:

Good work Morgaine.
Easy to follow, I like the addition of the extra 4th level.
Keep at it. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Daz!

I wanted to try to push myself a bit since this coding stuff is all alien to me. This version of the course makes a bit more sense these days after really struggling through part of V1.0 course. Has actually been enjoying this course so far.

I appreciate the encouragement!

Good for you Morgaine.
I am still working through v1 course still not finished.
I have been doing little bits with Unity for a while.
I put together my little tribute to space invaders a few years back, in Unity v4. (for a course i was doing) Check it out at http://retroflashback.co.uk/alien-invasion/ … if you like :slight_smile: Sorry its only desktop PC version not a Web browser version.
Let me know what you think if you get a moment.
Take care,
Cheers Daz.

I did my best with V1 and did as much as I could. I may try to work through it later. I am unable to try your space invaders type game. I am on a Mac and so am unable to access it.

Ok Morgaine, no worries.
Hope you are enjoying your 3d Modelling work you are doing, being able to produce fantastic graphics I feel is much more in demand than coding. Good luck with it all. All the best Daz.

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