Terminal Hacker - Easter Egg Hunt

Here is the latest version of my work on Terminal Hacker: https://sharemygame.com/@icicle/terminal-hacker-easter-egg-hunt

There are a handful of easter eggs and a hidden level for anyone who feel like exploring a bit.

I will really appreciate any and all feedback!

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I love how you went the Ready Player One route and added a bunch of easter eggs!

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Thank you for taking a look!

If you have any immediate suggestions for improvement, please don’t be shy!

I have a suggestion, At the main menu if you input too many invalid selections the valid selections and your money count goes off the top of screen. Maybe including a Terminal.ClearScreen somewhere?

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Hi there.

Thank you very much for your input! Not only are you offering me a fix, but you are pointing out a blindspot in my testing protocols. Many thanks!

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Of course! I enjoyed your version of Terminal Hacker! Mine is plain and shaped like the final product Rick and Ben share. Haha

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I’ve learned I’m bad at anagrams. That siren was… unexpected. lol

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Thank you for checking it out and taking a moment to respond here. I appreciate your input and I believe I have solved the issue you brought to my attention.

I’m working on removing words from the list once they’ve been properly solved but running into my lack of C# knowledge. Once that’s handled I will update the version on the site.

Haha! It sounds like it had its intended effect.

Thank you so much for checking it out and sharing your response!