Terminal doesn’t compile

When I debug a code it doesn’t show up in the terminal instead it opens a CMD and runs the code there is there any way I can change in so it shows in the terminal?


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In which course and lecture are you? And how di you debug? What exactly did you do?

Unreal engine c++ developer
I wrote a simple code like” hello world “
When I wrote cl hello.cpp it doesn’t compile but when I press f5 it’s debuging and opening a CMD

This is the Unity subforum. That’s why I was slightly confused. I’ve just moved your thread to the Unreal subforum. Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

Oh I’m sorry about that
And thank you very much

Could you expand on this? What are you getting? Could you show a screenshot? Did you open VS Code though the developer command prompt?

This is a gif showing what is happening.
And yeah I used developer command prompt to open the vs code tho I had problems in the beginning with it


There doesn’t appear to be any gif?

Unfortunately It doesn’t let me upload a gif.
But when I press f5 it just opens a CMD instead of running the code in terminal and the code command doesn’t compile

Would you mind showing your launch.json and tasks.json?

I found the launch.json but not the tasks.json
Here is the launch.json:

Line 16 would be the reason why. You can delete “externalTerminal” and then add a " and you should get a list of options. integratedTerminal should be what you’re after.

Thank you very much it worked!!!

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