Teleportation resetting position

I have been having a number of issues with an app I am trying to make - but I have managed to solve a problem I had that meant I was trying to mash an OVRPlayerController and an XR Origin together which I think lead to more issues.

On revisiting the locomotion lesson - I am finding that when I teleport, it seems to reset my position to near the floor. My XR Origin object Camera Y Offset value is set to 2, and I also set the CameraOffset object’s Y value to 2. This looks fine in the scene, and using the XR Device simulator teleportation works perfectly - but in my headset when I teleport it seems to ignore all these values and just teleport me close to the floor?

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Ah - to answer my own question - I had to change Tracking Origin Mode to Device as well as setting the offset values to 2!


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