I just made a Plane guys. I have blender experience of 6 months, But i did the challenge with my skillset given the challenge. Hope you all like it.


Nice work !
I hope I will be able to do as much in 6 months :slight_smile:

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WOW!!! That is awesome dude!!! How did you do the red light coming from it?

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Thanks Man It healps a lot. One day you will get there inshallah. :grinning:

Thanks. You have to apply materials to your model then you can get such results.

You can watch these to get some concept:

Also You can Watch this to get the Output:

This guy can help you to learn the same thing as the course does. Have fun. :grinning:

Thank you so much! I had a Quick look and I defenetly have to study those info as well. :slight_smile: finally I discovered who is the guy of the monkey

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Ps: why are you studying 3D? :slight_smile:

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Im studying 3d because im going to be a unity game devloper and I want to make my own assets. Btw, I have 3 more friends doing the same. Our group is called “The Art Lab”. After we complete learning we will go full fledge game devloping with unity. :grinning:

SORRY MATE!!! Busy times XD that is so great good for you! Just text me a link you are uploading something :smiley:

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