Tech Demo - Level one Boss Fight

So I wanted to test my skills and decided to make an Action RPG (granted, in wanting to make a simple game, I probably shouldn’t have chosen this genre :S).

Nonetheless, I feel I got a lot of practise in coding wise and some pixel art work (some of which is iffy, but practise nonetheless).

Might come back to this one day, but ultimately, the aim of what I wanted to accomplish has been completed and I do have another idea I really want to get started on too as that will lead to new ideas I want to test out.


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10/10 with the dragon artwork. Very terrifying :wink:

Also there’s no need to be afraid one bug I noticed though is if there’s a worm on screen when I interact with the egg it causes the worm to reset/disappear.

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Thanks Martyn! I’ll look into the bug!

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