Team Project How to Manage a Game Project

As a Single Developer most thing are straight forward in the planing and Organization it’s not needed to overcomplicated things.

But in a Team as example you grounded your own Company you have different Challenges to master and resource for that is very small.

So I would to love to see a course to have a good toolkit to manage, control and produce a game as a team.

Ideas for the course to include:

- Coordination and project planning
- Cost calculation
- quality monitoring
- Who decides what in a team?
- How to create a good Product Backlog
- Agile (Scrum) or Waterfall?
- for Agile Sprint planing
- How to make a useful roadmap?

The first version of C++ Fundamentals was published on April 19th, 2018 and is now at v0.8.9. In this update I have included several fixes and improvements including the following features:

  1. Added chapter 4-5 content.
  2. Added chapter 6 content.
  3. Fixed some errors.
  4. Rewrote some algorithms.
  5. Revised algorithm performance.
  6. Adjusted some code to make it easier to understand.
  7. Updated the website info page with links.