TankTrack causing crashes

when I try to delete/rename TankTrack components it causes crashes.
And my Tank moves in a strange way. it rolling around. I expected when I click W it would move forward and when click S it would move backward.

No idea how to workaround this bug other than creating an entirely new blueprint (don’t duplicate).

It happens after adding this
Screenshot 2021-07-31 122312
Even when I delete it still happens.

No idea how to work around this bug other than creating an entirely new blueprint (don’t duplicate).

I did it but still crashes.

Also, the static Meshes of Tracks disappear when the compilation finished.
UE version is 4.26.2

I can’t find Any solution to crash UE after deleting any custom component.
How can I solve that problem? should I report that bug?
What is the right way of deleting a component of an actor?
I struggling with that bug.

So you didn’t delete the entire tank blueprint as suggested?

I delete it as you said :sob:


some other people facing the same problem

So to be 100% clear, you created an entirely new blueprint via
Add > New Blueprint Class, using Tank as the parent class?


Would you mind sending me your project using the following link?


Please use File > Package Project > Zip Up Project within Unreal as this will ensure only required files are zipped up and things like the Binaries are excluded.

  1. Doing what I said fixed the issue. Are you sure you derived from the C++ class and not the blueprint class when creating a new blueprint?
  2. As I suggested, set them in the construction script.
  3. Your barrel doesn’t have a projectile socket.

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