TankPlayerController_BP crashing

I’m not sure if this started happening before this lecture or not, I just noticed it now. Whenever I try to open my TankPlayerController_BP from the content browser, Unreal crashes. I can open the projectile and tank BPs without issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? My code matches Ben’s, I’m reasonably certain that I made no changes to the BP that he didn’t make but without being able to open it and check I can’t know for sure.

UPDATE: I started the next lecture and the first thing he does is address this issue, so nevermind.

Was this the issue with protecting GetPawn()?

I’d protected it in the BeginPlay, but I didn’t protect it in AimAt()… which surprised me when it crashed on AimAt() when opening the BP to edit… No idea why the editor would need to execute that function if the game itself is not playing.

It’s a bug that the tick event fires in the Event Graph.


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