TankArenaShooter - My Version of BattleTanks


The Unreal BattleTank topic gave me so many ideas that I decided to make a new Battle Tank from scratch with some similarities and some changes. I called it Tank Arena Shooter and I just finished the Split-Screen version of it, where 2 players can battle each other in 1 vs 1 fights. I intend to make a multiplayer version of it where 4 or maybe more players can fight each other over the internet.

If you want to try it out, you can download it on itch io for free :smiley:


I have played it and I liked what i have seen. :+1:t6:
+You have done a great job with keeping a consistent low-poly styled game,
so the particle effect and the props really match the environment.
+The HUD with the health,ammo and reload has been placed in a very creative place
+When you ride over the grass you leave traces behind that’s also a cool detail.
+What I also noticed was that you also made interactive props like bomb on the ground and the flying fire extinguisher.

-Something i noticed when i played the TestLevel, the barrel was going crazy left to right. And it was impossible to aim. I recorded it if you can’t figure out what i mean i can send.


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
I have never encountered that problem before… I will look into it. The video would be a great help :+1:



It could be a framerate issue. Try to disable the trail system in the options menu (is not very performant at the moment) and maybe go down to high or medium settings, just to try out if it fixes the problem. :wink:


ye disabling trail system stopped the issue