Tank track Components unresponsice and causing crashes: Solution

I had a similar problem where the Track Left and Track Right in the Tank_BP caused crashes, but I found a solution.
My problem: The tank could just move forwards, somehow individual left and right tracks didn’t apply forces individually. Trying to change the Left Track or the Right Track (i.e. renaming them or deleting them) caused Unreal to crash.
Also, I noticed, that changing the properties of one track automatically changed the property of the others. Also, adding a Static Mesh to the TankTrack Class in the Tank_BP did not add one track, but both immediatelly …

My solution: I am not sure which exactly solved this, but I went back to the Track mesh and deleted all collisions. Then I went to the Tank_BP Input Binding and deleted the reference to the Left Track and to the Right Track.
Now I was able to delete both Track classes without any issues. Added two new into the Tank_BP, added the collision again for the track mesh, set the properties, like static mesh, socket and physics material and it is working fine now.

Hope it helped to some of you.

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