Tank Texturing and uv mapping Questions

Hi guys so I’m trying to model a tank in blender to bring into Unreal. I’m wondering should I use one 4k texture map for the whole thing or should i spit it into two or three?

also I have a bunch of bullets and handles on the model and they are taking up a lot of room on the texture map should i simply give them a single material and call it day or is it best for efficiency to keep everything on one map?

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In the earlier days of 3D, loading an image could take time. That is why we try to use one texture image! Just for performance sake.

Be smart about where you put your details. If you can not see it you don’t need to paint them.
Also the same for the viewing range. If those details can not be seen then why draw them?

For close-ups, you don’t need the rest of the object. The solution is to use a more detailed mesh and a different UV-map image.

This is called the level of DETAIL. A tank on 500 meters away, and doesn’t need many verts (but uses low poly mesh). Close by (sitting on top of the tank), you need high poly and different, detailed textures.


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