Tank game challenges

Obviously we need to use multiple meshes as they are controlled separatedly. Namely

  1. body of the tank (plus separate tank belts if we want to animate them according to reality)
  2. the tower
  3. the gun barrel


  • how do we attach mesh to another, while controlling it’s relative movement in certain axis
  • how do we animate the belts (if we want to)
  • how the tower catches up with the mouse rotation (because it has certain moving speed, which is not infinite)
  • how do we differentiate whether we want to just look around or move with the tower
  • the AI
  • the terrain creation
  • realistic tank movement & collision with the terrain
  • how to show the (predicted) shot trajectory
  • win conditions

There are more, but these ones I find out to be the biggest to solve :slight_smile:

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