Tank collisions and side force issues

Hello. After the avoiding boolean flags video, i refreshed my AI tanks, and in the output log i get this warning “PIE:Warning: Warning Invalid Simulate Options: Body (TankBP2.Tank tank_fbx_Body) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible”, i checked every collision and i have no idea what it`s wrong with it, if anyone can share any info on what collisions might do this… i have the same box done on the body as Ben did in the video

The side force done in sideways friction video didn’t work for me, but with the changes in the last two videos it got better, it slides a bit but not that much, still i would love to improve that

Not sure that this is a fix, but i added a simple box, scale it at 100 x 100 and the tank don’t hit anything and fly like in the generated map

The forums wouldnt let me add this post because it was too “Similar” to yours.

Title: Tank from lecture has lop sided center point

If anyone else has a discongruency in the tank’s left and right track movement here is why. The center point for the tank body is not in the center of the tank!

^ As you can see the turret socket is at relative location X: 0.0, :Y 0.0, from the tank body, but it is not centered ontop of the tank!

I wonder if he notices this later in the lecture because this just added to my list of headaches…

The problem is that even if you move the left track too far to the left, the tank still doesnt work properly i think because then the collision of the left track is inconsistent with the right, so, pretty confusing…

What confuses me more is that even with the lop sided model, you would think with the collision set up properly it would still work the same. But clearly it doesnt.

Yeah ok this whole model is screwed up.

Just look at the tank hood:

maybe we are better off making a tank out of box components

I think the designer must have shifted the body and wheels to the left, since the V and the headlights are centered and look to be separate objects

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