Tank Blueprint Corrupts Itself Frequently - Unreal 4.21.2

Applied physics material to the tank tracks and tested the game to see if the tank would move. It did. Tweaked settings, compiled, tried to play. Error messages galore regarding the tank tracks.

In the blueprint, both tank tracks were not visible but were duplicated in the component tree. I was able to delete all four tracks but then the entire blueprint was replace with a BAD icon. This has happened several times, including when ApplyForceAtLocation was first used.

I’ve reverted source three times now and had the same issue occurs, along with other issues where the static mesh randomly drops from the C++ components (barrel, tracks). Anyone else experiencing these bugs?

BTW, running Unreal under Windows 10, Version 1809. Using Visual Studios 2017.

Yes to all of these. I’ve only had the entire tank blueprint corrupt and show a BAD icon once. It was when I lost power while editing the BP. I had to restore from source control.

The static meshes for my barrel and tracks disappear all the time. It drives me nuts. I’ve tried different orders of adding the component, changing the mesh, and setting the socket but haven’t found a way to get them to stick. If anyone knows of a way to make these stay consistently, please share!

I am on Unreal 4.22.3, Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019.

Hi @tabbwabb,
Same here. I am using UE 4.25 with IDE Jetbrains Rider 4UE on WIn X. The only way I know is recreating the Tank_BP from scratch. Don’t worry, you’ll get quick at it after a while! :wink: :wink:

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