Tango + Unity development? Anyone?

Hi guys,

I am an architect and I am looking for information on getting my 3d model designs into an AR platform, the problem I always run into is depth tracking, unless the camera attaches a model to a QR code that remains fully within the lenses view, which requries the model to be small. That is why I have been looking at ‘tango’ which will soon be integrated into a Lenovo phone, as a means to solve this problem, so I can view my models in a fully immersive AR experience. Does anyone here have any experience in developing using Unity / Tango , or anything similar to what I am describing? I would really love to accomplish this task and then collaborate with an experienced technical person to create a product that can revolutionize (stupid buzzword I know) the way an architect communicates with clients.

Let me know if you are interested or have any recommendations for this concept!



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