Take Unity3D game from nice to WOW!

Teach us advanced techniques both in game development and Unity3D specifics.

  • Best prototyping practices.
  • Advanced concept design, level design, mechanic design.
  • Advanced useful real time lighting techniques.
  • Advanced custom shaders.
  • New c#job system, multithreading, maximising game efficiency.

This course can be cut into mini sections, each section comes out and helps us make our game better, each of the sections will make sure to teach us how these techniques make the game faster to create, being more focused on what to do next / more efficient / better looking / more engaging or appealing (depending on the section).

For me I feel like I know many things in unity and programming in general, and there are many courses to teach those things, but the hardest thing is taking the game from a semi completed one to a WOW one, and I think Iā€™m missing those things, the process, the the linking spinal cord of fields, the things that make a raw material into a shiny one.


I think many others might agree? what do you say peeps?

Great idea, strongly agree.

There are lots of fundamental game development courses available. After take these entry level courses, we need more courses about various of advanced topics for helping us to improve our skills required for building the wonderful games.

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Vote please! :smiley:
Its so hard to find a comprehensive advanced course that can help us jump years ahead in experience!


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