Take a look at my "Argon Assault" development build #2

Hello! Thanks for your interest!

Some of the features I’ve been working-on include:

Player: movement, weapon, visual & audio effects, dealing damage, taking damage, death and reset.

Enemy: Spawning, facing, shooting, dealing and taking damage, audio and visual effects.

…What began as a simple single-purpose object pooler, has evolved into a dynamic multi-purpose object pooler: ObjectPooler.cs is utilized to manage a small set of game objects to handle “weapon hits” and explosions, growing as needed. I also generalized my ObjectSpawner.cs, now spawning both energy bonuses as well as a variety of enemies (Only one enemy seen in this demo, but several are in the works).

There are now several _Manager.cs and _Controller.cs scripts, seemingly working in harmony. The Source and The Video Demo, for your amusement:

Video Demo - dev build 2
Source Code


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