Tags do not change AI Detection

So I’ve been following through the tutorials on 4.16.2 (latest version at time of writing) and despite recreating the blueprints and AI data to the best of my abilities the AI characters do not detect anything other than their target points. Though when viewing their perception cones the player character is detected. The tags are set up but that did not change anything. Please help!

Have you tried logging out of the perception stimulus to see if it gets anywhere?

Yes, the AI will still detect the player whether by sight or when the player jumps, but the behavior tree does not move from patrol to chase.

So after searching on the forums here, it turns out that the solution was to enter the default value for the ‘Enemy Key’ variable in the NPC_AI_BP. Both the ‘Enemy’ key and "Last Location Known’ key in the GuardBehavior tree update as expected. Will this be change going forward in the series or is this always how this worked and I just missed?

I’m not totally clear what the final problem was. Is there a step that wasn’t shown in the video?

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